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Tips From Your Local New Trailer Dealer

Prevent Trailer Tarp From Pooling

A tarp over the top of an open trailer may keep the water from seeping inside, but it will eventually sink due to the weight of the water. This might not be an issue if the trailer is going to be used the next day, but if it’s going to be stored for a while, the weight of the water and the tarp could loosen the trailer’s fasteners and grommets. The prevention of water pooling is critical whether or not you bought your trailer from a reputable new trailer dealer.

You could construct a simple frame out of cheap lumber to keep the tarp from collapsing when it rains inside the trailer. The tarp will now resemble a tent in both appearance and utility. Water would run off the tarp’s curved sides and away from the trailer if you installed curved bows across the trailer’s top. Bows could be fashioned from various materials, including PVC or copper pipe, thin wooden slats, or metal. These could be fixed or detachable, depending on the nature of the cargo you’re transporting.

A metal or plywood cover could be placed on top of the trailer, and then the tarp could be placed on top. The tarp wouldn’t succumb to the weight of the water on the hard surface. The pools wouldn’t go away entirely, but they wouldn’t be deep enough to cause much damage either.

You shouldn’t leave valuables under the tarp in the trailer if you want to prevent water from pooling there, but you could buy something you don’t mind going in the trailer when you’re not using it to serve the same purpose. You can do this efficiently with a 32-gallon outdoor trash can.

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