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Tips From a Reputable Trailer Dealer

Four Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trailer

You might believe you are prepared for a heavy-duty job if you own a truck or SUV, and you might even question the need for a trip to a trailer dealer. Before hitching up to a trailer, you must be aware of four essential factors: the loads you will be towing, the different kinds of custom trailers, your hitch system, and the towing vehicle’s capacity.

Specifications for Your Load

The type of trailer you require depends heavily on the objects you’ll be pulling. Are you going to a show with horses or a motorcycle? Are you towing another vehicle or carrying equipment to a job site? By using the weight and dimension, calculate the size of your load. Calculate the weight in pounds since trailer specifications are measured using the imperial system. Calculate the feet and inches of the required deck length and width. Always overestimate the measurements to be on the safe side.

Available Custom Trailer Types

Dealers provide sturdy trailers for all potential uses. Future trailer operators can choose from various trailer types, including tilt, deck over, dump, and landscape trailers. Consult a trailer dealer to determine which would suit your requirements.

Vehicle Capacity for Towing

Your truck’s payload capacity depends on the maximum weight of passengers and cargo you can safely transport. Your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating includes the amount (GVWR). For instance, a 4,500-pound truck with a 7,000-pound GVWR can support an extra 2,500 pounds. The tongue weight, or the force applied where the vehicle and trailer are connected, is included in the GVWR’s payload capacity. To learn more about the towing power you require, consult a dealer.

The Ideal Hitch System

A weight distribution hitch must be appropriate for your trailer’s tongue weight. A trailer will bounce and ride rigidly if the trap is too heavy, but it is also risky and ineffective if it is too light. Please find out your trailer’s tongue weight when it is completely loaded. You will be drastically underweight if you use the unloaded weight listed on the trailer spec sheet.

Picking the right trailer size doesn’t have to be complicated. In Portland, OR, you can always turn to a trailer dealer like Good Deal New Trailers LLC for unique options. Dial (971) 353-8099 now to learn more!