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Issues With Your Trailer You Shouldn’t Shove Off

To properly care for your equipment, maintenance is essential. Even when purchasing from a new trailer dealer, some units may need repairs due to wear and tear or overuse; you can’t be too careful. Paying attention to the signs that your trailer needs repair can help you save time, stress, and money by fixing it before it simply breaks down on the job — minor variations in how your trailer functions shouldn’t be disregarded.

Unexpected Noises

When hauling something, it may be as simple as not having your equipment securely fastened down if you notice a new sound. Something on the trailer might also be broken. Before going too far, stop and try to identify the noise source. Rattling or clicking can be annoying, even if it’s not your car’s engine.

Leaking Axles

Grease may indicate a problem that needs fixing if you notice it all over the trailer. In many trailers, self-greasing axles are standard. A small chamber on trailers with self-greasing axles collects the extra grease. Grease gets on the ground if the chamber leaks. Although minor leaks aren’t always a disaster, they could cause more significant problems later. Get your trailer checked out if you notice any liquid there.

Structural Damage

If it’s difficult for you to turn or move your trailer, you likely need maintenance. Axles or other connections may cause the issue, and bending or moving your trailer shouldn’t be challenging. Do not delay investigating the case; you may only need to replace a small component or require significant repairs.

Cracks or Dents

When backing up next to buildings, you risk damaging your trailer. As a trailer ages, it may crack. When your trailer is hit by other machinery, it can get dented. Whatever the cause of the dents or bends, they can weaken the structure of your trailer. Inspecting the trailer for dents and cracks following an accident would be best. You should check your trailer for flaws to prevent breakdowns while towing a load of objects.

Taking care of issues before they become significant problems will help you save. And, if you’re still searching for a new trailer dealer in Portland, OR, know that Good Deal New Trailers LLC offers quality options that are well-maintained and ready for use. Dial (971) 353-8099 to learn more about our offers.