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Maintenance Tips From a Reliable New Trailer Sales Company

Keeping Your Aluminum Trailer in Top Condition

Aluminum is virtually rust-free and has much higher corrosion resistance. However, even if you bought it from a reputable new trailer sales company, your unit can still be harmed by daily dirt, thick grime, and road salt. These contaminants may impact your trailer’s appearance and lifespan.

With the help of these regular cleaning procedures, you can keep your new custom aluminum trailer looking good and prepared to tow any load:

Get Rid of Debris

Using a traditional broom is the most routine cleaning procedure. Sand, dirt, bark, and other debris should be removed from your trailer’s bed. The simplest way to keep things maintained is this way. It also makes it easier to see every square inch of your trailer so you can look for oxidation or other problems. To maintain its great appearance, sweep as frequently as you can.

Shower Your Trailer

Use a hose when a broom can’t handle the dirt and grime. To get caked-on debris off your trailer, use a pressure washer or hose to spray it down. Only wash it when necessary because prolonged water exposure can harm other parts, such as wood floorboards.

Acidic Bath

An acidic bath will help you combat aluminum oxidation and heavy grime. Hydrofluoric acid or strong citrus cleaners are the most frequently used cleaners for removing aluminum oxide and other problems with aluminum trailers. Wear the appropriate protective gear and strictly adhere to the cleaning instructions to avoid injury and environmental damage from this strenuous cleaning process. If you’re unsure, a qualified crew would gladly do this for you.

Polish Your Trailer

Applying wax will make your trailer feel the most abundant it has ever been. Your trailer deserves the best preventive care and a high-quality shine, just like a sports car or brand-new truck. The results of paste wax are worth the time it takes to apply. Nothing else offers the aluminum surface the signature shine you need while safeguarding vehicle exteriors. To prevent oxidation, look into wax products designed especially for aluminum.

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